The System

The short story: The EMP System makes you better, more confident, and removes your limits. It takes you from being just a good athlete to being an ELITE athlete.

You’re currently “here” and you want to get “there”. EMP clears the path to make that transition easier, better and faster.

What you do on the ice and in the gym for your growth and development physically, I do for your growth and development mental. Which ultimately impacts what you’re able to do on the ice and in the gym (and in life) making you better, faster, and more confident.

The longer story: Hours and hours go into physical training, nutrition and strategy but what controls your abilities in each of those areas?

What determines a players limits? What makes a player better than the rest? What allows a players true talents to shine and weaknesses seem to be non-existent?

Their mental game.

What controls a players mental game?

Pre-conditioned beliefs and emotional baggage

In traditional coaching and therapy sessions it can take up to a year to identify and reframe these beliefs and blocks or baggage. And most can’t remove the triggered responses without months of reframing work. EMP is not traditional and it’s definitely not therapy.

By using the technology and tools of kinesiology and emotional clearing we will quickly map the beliefs and blocks, remove them and do the reframing work in each and every session. What other traditional modalities do in many months and years, we will do in 10 weeks.

There is truly no other modality or program available that does what EMP does for an athlete.

It’s the unfair advantage you’ve been waiting for; clear the shit that’s standing in your way from being ELITE.

The Details*

10 weeks – One video session per week

  • Evaluation
  • Phase 1: Identifying the deeper blocks around self identity & abilities (3 weeks)
  • Phase 2: Leadership, big vision & purpose (3 weeks)
  • Phase 3: Athletic performance & goals (2 weeks)
  • Exit evaluation

The Enhanced Mental Performance System is about allowing the athlete to pop open & become the elite athlete they are meant to be.

Because our sessions are done via video chat our work together is location independent; I can work with you no matter where you are in the world.

Investment: $5000

CONTACT US with questions and to request an invite into your next level of performance

*A portion of this system will take you through a process known as The Spiral. All rights reserved by The Spiral Institute for that portion of our system.

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