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Owner & Trainer: Kelly Grignon

Strategic Coordinator: Andrew Grignon

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I’ve been an athlete my whole life; from soccer, swimming and tennis to horse back riding and rugby. When I became a mom I stopped competing but the drive and determination never waned, it simply changed form.

On my own personal journey I noticed I was always faster paced than everyone else. Constantly ahead of “the class” and always looking for better and more, my path led me to the technology and tools that did just that for my mental and emotional health; find the better, faster way to get to MORE out of life.

By using a combination of muscle testing and transformational coaching skills I can map the specific conditioned and emotional baggage causing the blockage, remove them instantly and permanently, and allow natural talents to shine through more powerfully.

These blockages show up as weaknesses, places that need development, self sabotage, triggers and limitations; they are the strings and anchors pulling you in different directions and stopping you short. I identify the strings, cut them and connect the dots needed to allow you to move more freely into your natural skills, talents and personality.

I started doing all this work on myself, working through the system taught to me and in 6 months I noticed such an increase in my strengths both mentally and physically that I started to wonder if this could be specifically used on athletes to help them go to the next level. Again, I wanted something better and faster.

Which leads us to the Enhanced Mental Performance System; 10 weeks specifically focused on taking the athletes mental game from amateur to elite >> Learn more

Rather than taking months or even years to peel back layers and layers to understand why you do the things you do, which you don’t have time for in your already busy schedule, let’s dive to the center and blow it all up from the inside.

Fast paced, instant change and accelerated evolution into the elite player you desire to be. Develop your mental game and have the unfair advantage every athlete wants. By lasering in on the most powerful pieces of being an athlete I formed a system that’s faster and better than anything else out there.

Time for you to see for yourself. >> Learn More

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